11 Forgotten Laws

Posted on 11th November 2011 in All, Product Reviews
11 Forgotten Laws

Bob Proctor 11 Forgotten Laws Review


Comment: Life Changing!

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Background: Back in 2006 one of the most incredible movies made it onto our TV screens. With much fanfare and marketing hype the movie promising to provide you with the keys to health, wealth, happiness and pretty much everything else you could imagine was released. This movie was called ‘The Secret’ and was about how to use the Law of Attraction.

There was lots of excitement surrounding the movie which itself included some nice special effects, good narrating and a firm message that you could have whatever you wanted so long as you just followed a simple formula of foccussing your thought on what you desired.

==> Still Curious About The Law Of Attraction! <==

Millions of people watched the movie, some people had success, some had no success, some even declared it heretic whilst otherwise claim it transformed their lives. However overall it seemed that the movie didn’t quite reveal the full picture and left many with the impression that wishful thinking would be enough to attain their desires.

Partly due to this and party due to wanting to help as many people as possible, the main narrator for the movie The Secret i.e. Bob Proctor has produced a much more comprehensive detailed program breaking down the process into much simpler parts designed to really get you using the secret.

The product is known as The 11 Forgotten Laws and is co produced with Marry Morrisey. Both of these people have been involved with teaching and coaching of the secret for over 20 years, it has in essence been their life’s work to help other people lead more fulfilling and wealthy lives through using the secret.

The 11 forgotten laws are based upon a document written by Raymond Holliwell called “Working With The Law”. This document contains the original 11 laws which all need to be applied and utilised correctly in order for the law of attraction to be used.

The life changing products that Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey have put together in the 11 Forgotten Laws is far from the normal run of the mill e-book. It is a comprehensive course that opens your eyes to an astonishing array of laws, systems and techniques that will help you attain whatever you desire. When you finally see this information you will then have ALL you need to finally achieve your dreams.

The product is set-up in a convenient members only site where you can download all of the products or just log in and use them whenever you like, of course you get life-time access. The information is provided in mp3s and pdf format and can be downloaded and put onto any mobile device of your choice so that you can constantly refresh yourself on the principles and make sure you are applying them in your everyday life. There are an impressive 95 audios that promise to blow your mind.

The 11 Forgotten Laws follows the chapters of the original book mentioned earlier “Working With the Law” which is provided too. The recommended way to quickly absorb the life changing information is to read the chapter in the “Working With The Law” book, read the corresponding lesson in the workbook whilst also listening to the audio version at the same time. Doing it this way really makes it come alive and gives it added impact.

What About The Bonuses?

The quality of the bonuses is outstanding, as befits any product involving Bob Proctor. The first bonus is a series of lessons called “The Prosperity Program” for those people wanting a financial boost.

The second bonus gift which would be worth the price tag alone is from Laure Silva called “Manifest Like a Millionaire” and after going through these videos you’ll finally be able to make the manifestation process work for you.

And finally you also get access to the highly acclaimed “The Finer Mind” membership area but I’ll leave that as a surprise.

Is the 11 Forgotten Laws value for money?

YES, one of the most comprehensive and most professionally put together products you are ever likely to see AND by two people i.e. Bob Proctor and Marry Morrissey who not only really want you to succeed but know how to get you to succeed and this is the real reason why you should get your hands on the 11 Forgotten laws as soon as possible.

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