“Still Struggling With The Law Of Attraction? Not Manifested The $1,000,000 That Will Set YOU Free Forever Yet?”


Done The Visualizations, Read The Books, Watched The DVDs, Asked The ‘Universe’, Meditated Like A Monk, Shouted Affirmations At The Mirror, Hung Up Your Vision Board…

But still not attracted the money to finally pay off your mortgage, travel the world, drive sports cars, dine in 5 star restaurants, tell your boss to ‘get lost’ and ultimately give YOU all the freedom that YOU want! Well, I’m here to tell you that:

‘YES’ YOU Can Have All Of Those Things, YOU Are Actually Closer To Having Your Dream Life Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Honestly, I know how it feels to not have the law of attraction manifesting all the good stuff quickly enough. I was there, for a large part of my life actually.

However, I always had an inkling that there was more to life than what we were being told at school, like there was something bigger going on than this. Do you know what I mean?

Much like you I guess, I wanted more. I was not happy to sit around and follow-in my father’s footsteps and put up with the 9-5 for the rest of my life. Like you I knew there must be more to life than this!

So, I started reading to find a way to break free. I was determined I was not going to let my life slip away into a meaningless march towards retirement. Are YOU searching for the same thing I was?

“Your Freedom, To Live Your Life, The Way You Want And On Your Terms!”

At that time I had noticed strange coincidences in my life, kinda like premonitions. Some were good, but some were just plain bad. Ever experienced something like this…

When visiting my grandfather I always asked about his injured knee and was fascinated about the story of how he got it playing rugby. I even pictured how it happened in my mind….

Knowing what I know now, it was inevitable that I would end up having my own ‘carbon copy’ of an injury. Looking back, have you ever almost deliberately manifested something you didn’t want?

How to use the law of attraction for moneyI recall starting a little business which I had to loan money from the bank to set-up. Unfortunately, I focused so much on the debt that all I did was create more of the same! Doh!

They weren’t all bad coincidences that unfolded though…

After taking a sports psychology course I visualized my own success as the leading point’s scorer for my club team. The previous season I hadn’t even scored one goal, not one!

The next season I was leading scorer and also player of the year… an astonishing turn around. Have you ever visualized your way to success too?

“What I Finally Realized That Changed My Life!”

I finally realized that what I did in my mind, played out in reality. I started to wonder if I could consciously control this power.

Gradually over the years, through much reading, research and ‘trial and error,’ I have gotten better and better at attracting the good stuff in life.

Just recently I have manifested my dream job travelling around Asia, my company pay for attract the beach lifemy apartment. Beaches at the weekends, exotic food and all the excitement of Asia on the doorstep, life is good!

I am in control of what I attract into my life now, wouldn’t it be amazing if you were too?.

What are the first three things you would attract into your life?

Wealth, health, relationships? How elated and joyful you would feel! And full of trust and belief in the Law of Attraction.

“This Could Be Total ‘Head Spinning’ Game-Changer For YOU!”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone could help YOU do this? Well, I can. I’ve struggled with the law of attraction in the past and I know what that’s like…

I also know what it is like to get what you want out of life. And by helping others do the same I also re-enforce its positive effect in my own life. It feels awesome when I receive feedback from subscribers like this:

“When I read page 21 of the ‘7 Secrets’ report you sent me, I finally realized what I’d been missing! I immediately called my sister to tell her, so she could benefit to. We both realized we had been handling the law of attraction in the wrong way. I’m so glad we found your web-site, my sister and I now both look forward to your life-enhancing e-mails! They’ve truly empowered us.” – 

Pretty cool huh! I hope you get as much out of the FREE report when you subscribe too.

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I have been writing on this web-site since 2006, even before the overly hyped movie ‘The Secret’ bought the law of attraction into the mainstream.

YOU can choose to embrace it or not, but it will, and always has been there. I use the law of attraction to consciously create my future and YOU can too!

Act now and sign-up for the ‘7 Secrets’ report and start attracting your dream life TODAY! It’s totally FREE so there are really no reasons not to.

I can’t say too much about it, you’ll  see why when you read it! Enter your best e-mail address below and I’ll see you on the other side.

Tim – Founder: PositiveMindWealth.com

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The 7 Secrets Law Of Attraction Gurus Aren't Telling YOU!

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